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Bearing arrangements have to be selected depending on individual application. Various factors like temperature, lubrication, rotational speed, load capacity, humidity, vibration, mounting, maintenance, etc. have to be taken into consideration. Special bearings with special features are used for special kinds of applications, for which these bearing arrangements are suitable. High performance bearings with a high degree of reliability guarantee a long service life and operational safety of the machines, plants and aggregates.

For all kinds of above-mentioned bearings such as Deep Groove Ball Bearings, Angular Contact Ball Bearings, Self Aligning Ball Bearings, Thrust Ball Bearings, Cylindrical Roller Bearings, Spherical Roller Bearings, Needle Roller Bearings IBC is manufacturing special bearings for customized designs referring to outer dimensions, or special inner designs and not only standardised in ISO series.

Application in vibration machines

ImageSpecial designed IBC Spherical Roller Bearings are made as for usage in vibration machines (Screen Bearings). Regarding dimensions and bearing details they correspond to Spherical Roller Bearings of series 223. These Special Bearings distinguish from standard bearings in respect to outer ring guided solid brass cages and operational conditions such as bearing clearance of vibration screen machines, which is in between the upper half of C3 and the lower half of C4.
Screen Bearings are made with cylindrical bore as well as tapered bore, identified by suffix V080.

Application in pumps, compressors, fans and separators

Pumps deliver various liquids like oil, water, petrol and even concrete, acids and sewage in nearly every industry sectors like food industry, vacuum technology, civil engineering, water systems, chemical industry mining industry and hydraulic systems.

ImageEspecially applications in pumps and compressors cause combined loads, high rotational speed and uncomfortable lubrication circumstances and often heavy soiling. In almost all kinds of pumps Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings are used. IBC Angular Contact Ball Bearings have special features such as low-noise running, low friction, high operational speed and long service life. As even radial loads may provide axial forces it is necessary to adjust a second bearing for balancing-out. Therefore two Angular Contact Ball Bearings are adjusted against each other.

Besides Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings, there are also Single Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings working in pumps, but also Single Row Cylindrical Roller Bearings, Spherical Roller Bearings and Deep Groove Ball Bearings.

For better protection of bearings used under extreme conditions against wear and corrosion, and to reach higher rotational speed at lower operation temperature, IBC is offering ATCoated inner and outer rings.

Additionally ceramic balls instead of steel balls are applicable too. Besides ATCoat of inner and outer rings and ceramic balls, a new cage material PEEK is convincing when using in the range of vacuum pumps. A PEEK cage is a glass fibre reinforced polyamide cage, which can even be successfully used for high-speed operation up to 150° operation temperature.

ImageSuch as pumps, compressors are used in nearly all industrial sectors: in manufacturing companies, in environmental protection, in building and air conditioning technology, on ships and in medical applications. They serve as an important function, condensing and transporting air, gases or air/gas mixtures. Nearly 50% of all compressors are screw compressors, working according to principle of displacement. There are two parallel rotating screws with different profiles are contra-rotating in one housing. Screw compressors are suitable for large air quantities. Just to compare between oil-free and oil-injected screw compressors. For filling and exhausting of silos and silo vehicles, silo condensers are employed.

Even compressor stations for chemical and process technology, as well as food and beverage industry should be mentioned as well as refrigeration compressors in air conditioning plants.

Piston compressors are working according to displacement principle. They could be found in medical and food industry, workshops as well as starter for driving gears.

A synchromesh gear provides non-contact running of rotating piston. They are used for steel manufacturing, gas supply and high-pressure gas circulation as well as compressed air reservoirs for sewage treatment plants.

IBC offer precision solutions to meet all the various technical applications and operation conditions, especially in this sector. Compressors are usually equipped with IBC Deep Groove Ball Bearings, Single Row Cylindrical Roller Bearings and Tapered Roller Bearings.

A21 is a special design version with a ATCoated inner ring, especially protected against fretting corrosion in the bore, extending service life of the bearing in connection with coated raceway in critical applications.

Application in raw material extraction and processing

Technical progress in the field of raw material extraction and processing is accelerating constantly. In the mining and processing sector, recovery of oil and gas, bearings contribute considerably to technical progress. High operational safety and long service life under extreme operation and environmental conditions are significant characteristics of IBC bearings. They meet special requirements such as high load carrying capacity, shock and vibration resistance as well as ready mounting and dismantling.

ImageDump trucks are transporting minerals, iron, coal, and oil sand worldwide. Cylindrical Roller Bearings and Single Row Tapered Roller Bearings are used in the gears.

ImageConveyor belts are used for transport of the large quantities in mining industry. Usually there are Spherical Roller Bearings working in driven tube mills. These bearings are designed to compensate highest demands and misalignments as well as shaft deflections.

Similar extreme conditions are found in all sectors of mining and processing engineering, tunnel boring, on- and offshore technologies and mills. Consequently, the bearings must meet special requirements. Due to purposeful development IBC has increased practicality, operation safety, reliability, service life of these bearings.
Furthermore within this range IBC is offering special bearings for excavating machines and other construction equipment.

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